Second Infection 7 Years Post BL/BR/BA, Now What?

7 years ago I had a BL/BR/BA that failed miserably.I'm a non-smoking healthy 43 yr.old female. In December 2011, I had BA/BL/BR to correct prev. surgery. By late January, I had an infection, drain tube, antibiotic oral/IV and then removal. 3 months later a new implant. Now 2 months after the new implant, another infection. No open wounds at all. Back on oral/IV antibiotics.OMG. Scared. I can't believe it happened again! No wound. Just red, tender circle on scar with rash below. What is next?

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Second Infection 7 Years Post BL/BR/BA, Now What?

Well it looks like your already committed to a course of antibiotic treatment, and let's hope this resolves the infection. Actual infections in the presence of foreign body (implant) are notoriously difficult to treat successfully without removing the foreign body. 


If the current regimen fails to control the infection and the implants are removed, I would think hard before trying to reinsert them.


I truly wish your the best. Please think about giving us some follow up.

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