Is a 2nd Incisional Eyelid Surgery Necesssary to Fix Ptosis That Developed Post Surgery?

I had Asian eyelid surgery in 03-2012. During two subsequent check-ups, I was told that my eyelid muscles were not as strong as he initially thought so I may have to get ptosis repair. He told me to wait a year to see what happens. I haven't seen any change in the past few months so I'm afraid I may have to do ptosis surgery. My eyelids are still thick and puffy. My concern/question is if it's possible to do ptosis surgery without re-doing my eyelid creases. That surgery was painful enough.

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Ptosis after Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Developing ptosis after Asian eyelid surgery is a rare complication but if it happens, it is most likely technique related or prolong swelling which is also rare. If it happens on both sides, perhaps the patient had the ptosis that was not recognized before the surgery. The strength of the muscle responsible for opening the eyes is usually determined before the surgery not after.

Your eyelid may still appear perceptually thick and puffy because of ptosis.

Before considering a procedure to correct ptosis, surgeon needs to know the possible causes and extent of ptosis as the surgical approach may vary greatly. 



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Not necessarily- Ptosis surgery can be done more than one way

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I am somewhat concerned that you still have puffiness despite the fact that your surgery was performed almost 9 months earlier. There is a condition called Blepharochalasis in which patient may have an eyelid swelling and the weight of which may cause some ptosis. Due to unknown reasons, the lympahtics of the eyelid (lymph draining system) can be compromised and patient may have persistent swelling which may take longer time to subside. The other condition, one may consider is to look into underlying Thyroid disorder. Nevertheless,one may need to rule out all the possible underlying possible conditions prior to considering adjusting the upper eyelid height.

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Internal ptosis repair is possible

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There are a couple of internal ptosis surgery techniques available that would obviate the need to have a skin incision again.

However, not all patients do well with these techniques. Your Oculoplastics surgeon should be familiar with this technique and the preoperative test that determines whether you are a good candidate. If you are not a good candidate, you may still need an external incision, and it is always better to wait at least 6 months to allow as much scar evolution as possible, which makes the surgery much easier and likely more successful

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