2nd Capsalorrhaphy Surgery - What Limitations Do You Ask of Your Patients for Optimum Results? I Want This to Work!

1st breast aug in 6/09. PS made left breast pocket too long/wide, lost 90% sensation. Implant goes under my arm to my back. Due to the large space of mvmt the implant started to create a lot of nerve pain on the interior area of this breast above the implant- a pulling down if you will. Pain lying on my back, left side, push-ups or any physical activity. Capsalorrhaphy done 8/11, but stitches didn't hold. 2nd Capsa.. on 5/8/12. Being very careful, but what are extreme limitations I should follow

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Postop breast capsule repair care

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Your own surgeon has the final say on this, but if you were my patient, I would fit you to a underwire bra to be worn 24/7 for 3 months.  Only off for showers.  Also, absolutely no running, jumping or jarring exercises and absolutely no pectoralis exercise.  If this doesn't work this time, you might need Strattice so do your best to help the healing.

Healing afte capsulorraphy

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After capsulorraphy I recommend wearing a good fairly restrictive bra 24/7 for at least 6 weeks. No activity which uses your Pectoralis chest muscles. Flexing these muscle will push the implant down and out to the side. Good luck.

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