2nd Breast Augmentation Today, But Have May Have Been Misinformed About My Size?

pre-op my doc measured me and said i had 425-475cc saline, after my surgery i found out that i had 600CC Saline.Now i just got 700cc, unders, high profile (natrelle) my question is will i see a a difference? since i went from saline mod profile and now silicon HP will i see a diff? I am disappointed i may not have received the size i wanted & was misinformed on my initial CC amounts . Pre-Op - 5'11, 34DD, Saline, Unders, weight 125-130

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Usually with out paper work of showing your exact size its hard for anyone to really determine what size you may have. Going from 600 to 700 you will see a difference. Its not changing your cup size too much. Usually in our practice we like to tell our patients that 225 cc equal about one cup size. Hope you like your results.

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Guessing breast implant size

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Unless your doctor did the initial surgery and has the records or unless you bring the records of what you have, no doctor can tell exactly what is in you just by looking at you or even measuring you.  They can make a best guess but often we are surprised by what is really in there.  So don't be unhappy with the doctor and 700's are plenty big.

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