Had a Deflated Breast from First BA, 2nd BA Still Unhappy

Had a BA 5 yrs ago had to have my 2nd BA 5 weeks ago due to a deflate iny left breast we went with 465 in the left the side with the deflate and 450 in the right my left is still Noticeable smaller and a different shape I'm very worried and don't know what to do what are my options

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Asymmetry after surgery to replace deflated implant

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In my experience replacing a deflated implant requires more surgery to release the contracted scar and make the pocket for the implant the correct size than just replacing an implant. This leads to more swelling post-operatively which will take up to several months to resolve. So it is too early to tell what your final size and shape will be. So be patient; I know it is not easy to wait but it will be at least two or three months before your left breast will no longer be swollen.

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Shape 5 weeks after breast augmentation.

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Dr Alicue:

At five weeks after a primary breast augmentation is too early to tell what shape you are going to have. It can take a few months to settle down. At five weeks after a simple breast implant exchange, it is possible that you are looking a your final result, but I don't have enough information. If your breasts looked even before the deflation, and both sides were exchanged, a simple implant exchange usually leaves the breast looking even after a few weeks. If only one side was replaced, then it will take a few months.

Asymmetry before surgery usually means asymmetry after surgery. The fact that the left side, with the (one tablespoon) larger implant, looks smaller, either means the left breast was smaller before surgery, or the capsule is tighter on that side. Attempts can be made at evening out the volume, but this may come at the cost of slightly different shapes.Breast are more like sisters than twins. They should look related, but are rarely identical.

It is more difficult to correct asymmetry when replacing a deflated implant, especially if you have not seen your surgeon recently or if it with a new surgeon. The deflated side is hard to evaluate. It will be smaller, obviously, but the capsule may have been tighter, and the shape may have been different before the deflation. Unfortunately,this information is hidden by the deflation, so your surgeon won't be able to tell before surgery.

Rather than solicit a bunch a guesses from surgeons who have never seen you, and cannot give you any meaningful options, the best thing to do is to discuss this with your surgeon. They are the only one with enough information to guide you at this time. They have examined you, done the surgery and know the details. They can provide better guidance for when or if there is opportunity for improvement. A new surgeon will need to wait and see how your breasts are changing after your recent surgery. You may need to wait 6 months to a year to let everything settle down, and then consider a revision. If the main problem shape, a lift may be necessary.

Joseph Mele, MD
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon
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