Hi! I Am 2months BA Post Op and I Feel Like there is a BIG Vein Inside my Right Breast

Hi! I had my BA 2 months ago, everything went well. I love them but I can feel a BIG vein run across inside my right breast. Is it normal? What is it? Is anything I should worry about or it is just normal? Thank you.

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Large Vein

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Sometimes veins will become more apparent in the breast after an augmentation. The question is do you see a vein or do you feel a cord running across the breast? I would recommend returning to your plastic surgeon for an examination. 

Vein running through breasts following breast augmentation

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Having an enlarged vein over the breasts following breast augmentation is likely due to increased pressure placed on a draining vein in the skin, which is causing the proximal portion of the vein to dilate and be more noticeable. Veins in the superficial skin can be more noticeable following augmentation. As the breast relaxes, dilated veins may lessen.

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