Options For Congenital Ptosis with Jaw Winking Phenomenon in my Right Eye.

My right eye was operated for vertical squint and then skin was removed from the right upper lid to correct ptosis in the year 2004. However, my right lower lid began to sag. In 2010 canthoplasty was done to correct the lower lid, the operation did not work. In August, 2011 lateral tarsal strip was done on the right lower eyelid. After a month,the right lower lid has returned to its position before the lateral tarsal strip procedures. Are there any alternative surgeries/procedures available?

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Lower eyelid retraction

The condition you are describing sounds like lower eyelid retraction. Often, the use of a spacer [either posterior on the inside fo the eyelid, or on occasion on the skin side] to elevate the eyelid.

Photos would be helpful.

Good luck

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Lower lid ectropion

There are various reasons why the lower lid can be sagging such as weak orbicularis muscle, tight lower lid skin, etc.  Simply tightening the lower lid may not work if one of these other problems are present.  Consult an oculoplastic surgeon.

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