What is the recovery for silicone implants and Vaser Lipo of the thighs estimated at?

I am having silicone breast implants placed on the 8th of November and am considering adding Lipo of the inner and outer thighs. I have my sister here for 5 days and am wondering if that will be enough"down time". I have had a mini tummy tuck about 5 years ago, and felt like i recovered well. I am healthy and fit. Is there any exercises that may help with recovery pre-surgery? thank you for your help!!

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Lipo and a breast aug

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Lipo will not likely increase your recovery time after a breast lift. I expect that you will be ready to return to work approx one week post op. Best of luck.

Recovery post implants and vaser lipo of thighs

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Hello and thanks for your question.

Breast implant surgery is not too uncomfortable and there is no reason why you should not an excellent recovery and be up and about in 2-3 days. I would normally let you go home the same day and be up and about relaxing at home the next couple of days and even go out for some coffee or a movie with a friend or out to dinner the next day. Yes you will be a little painful but not to any degree and some simple pain relief is all that is needed. With regards to the liposuction again other than some bruising to the areas and some minor discomfort there is no reason why you can not be up and about the next day doing what you like other than some vigorous exercise.

I would imagine if you are healthy and do not have any other medical issues you should make a good recovery and be doing most things after 5 days of down time.

You should discuss this in great detail with your surgeon incase there are some specific post operative things they would like you to do.

Stephen Salerno

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