280cc Only Other Size Available 230cc? Minor Tubular/puffy Areola Breasts?

thankyou for all reply's http://www.realself.com/question/breast-implants-correct-minor-tubular-herniated-nipple decided on a surgeon he has a different approach than others. wanting to lowering of crease, overs, 280cc 100% full silicone. He thinks 70% chance i will be happy and breasts will fill out more. Others said 260cc no mention of lowering (5'6,110lbs,size(8UK)(4US),32a)wanting 32c(nothing more) Thoughts on sizing please? only other size lower available 230cc with this surgeon?

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Tubular breast augmentation

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Dear Flowerman,

That is a very interesting question that you pose.  First, you must remember that medicine is a practice.  There are many different ways to achieve a result and five different surgeons might have five different approaches.  However, if your surgeon seems to be an outlier, i.e. every other surgeon is saying to do it this way and he/she is saying to do it that way, then beware.  Good luck!

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