1 Week Post Breast Implants: 280CC Too Big For my Frame

Im 5'4 and 50 kg. Ribcage is 29'. I requested conservative augmentation, but i wasn't able to choose the exact size. I got 280 cc overs, started with full A/small B. I feel huge and I'm very unhappy about the result. The shape is fine, as due to little sagging (breastfead 3 kids) he placed the implants a little below the normal breastfold. But I think they are too big on my frame. Insicion is areolar. I hear bubbling sounds. Am i gonna get smaller? when?

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1 Week Post Breast Implants: 280CC Too Big For my Frame

One week out is too early to make a final decision about your breast implants.  The bubbling sounds you discuss are common and will go away over time.  Currently, at 1 week, you will still have swelling and the implants will not have fully softened or settled into place.  Give it several months before you make your final decision.

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One week post implants. Too big for me?

Hard to tell without photos. You are only one week post op. It is very early in the post operative course. You will have swelling and most likely some spasm of the muscle. This seems to be especially true if you were small before and go relatively larger. They usually settle in and change with time. Please do call your board certified plastic surgeon's office and tell them your concerns.

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Implants will need much more time

Please know that 280cc implants are very modest for your size and although the swelling is frightening your surgeon and staff have told you this would take time and they are so right.  Each body is very different and you could see a softening of the implant swelling in 3 weeks or 3 months and it could be a full year + before they settle in completely.  Be patient and stop looking at them for a while.  Let  the healing process do it's job.  You will be perfect in the long run.

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Wait three to four months

I recommend you wait until three or four months after your surgery before assessing your results. At that time, you can then discuss your concerns with your surgeon, and make sure to be clear and firm about the implant size you want. Best of luck.

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Recovery with Breast Implant Size

Thank you for your question.

By now, things will have settled a bit more than when you first posted this question.  I would suggest that you allow your body and mind to adjust to the breast implants before deciding upon revisionary breast surgery to change the size.  In my practice, I ask patients to give themselves at least 4-6 months to see how things heal and settle.  If you are still not pleased at that time, clearly communicate with your surgeon and discuss your options.

Best Wishes

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1 week post op breast augmentation

Hi Vero,

There is always swelling associated with any type of surgery. In addition, your implants will settle and will appear smaller. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for this to resolve. The bubbling will also resolve within this time. So please be patient and allow your body to heal itself. Best wishes, Dr. H

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