Options For 28 yo Female with Under Eye Swelling/ Eye Bags? (photo)

I noticed I developed eye bags in April 2011. I went to a surgeon and he said that this was not fat under my eye, but it was swelling. He said I could try Juvederm, but it may not work because it's not fat under my eye. I asked him if there is a way to get rid of the swelling and he said no because it is probably hereditary. He said I should not do cosmetic surgery because I am far too young.

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Eye bags- getting the right treatment at any age

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The dig unitive answer for you is a lower lid blepharoplasty with FAT TRANSPOSITION NOT FAT EXCISION!  fat grafting should be added to the procedure as well.  Your pronounced bags are the result of superficial fat decent and deep fat herniation.  By transposing the deep fat the lid/cheek junction can be smoothed and fat grafting can help blend and create a lifted appearance to your cheek bones.  I hope this helps! 


You are not too young.  You have signs that warrant an intervention.

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Rian A. Maercks M.D.

Best treatment for eye bags in 28 year old?

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  Well, if you ask different doctors, you will get different opinions.  This looks like herniated orbital fat to me.  But you are very young for eyelid surgery so please consider an alternative such as an HA filler (I prefer Restylane over Juvederm here).

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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