28 and Have Terrible Extra Lines when Smiling Only? (photo)

I am 28 years old. I have extra lines on the side of my mouth only when smiling. I have noticed over the year it has gone from one line to 2 to 3 , and the lines have gotten bigger. These lines are really only there when I smile. Would juvederm or some filler help me with this as I am really stressed over these lines.. as they look horrible and I avoid smiling now. Also is there anything I can do to prevent these lines from forming when i am not smiling as well for down the road.

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Filler Can Help Lip and Smile Lines

     Filler can certainly address some of these lines.  I think that these lines are probably more noticeable to you than to others.   I would not recommend Botox to this area to prevent them as this impairs normal facial animation as well. 

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