I'm Only 27 but my Face is Sagging?

I've lost 12 kilos 2 years ago and since then the skin on my face became thin and my cheeks became hollow. I went to see a surgeon here where I live, in Tokyo and he suggested I'd have a lift. Isn't there a way to lift up the sagging, get rid of the hollow under eye and cheek area? Please help, I hate how aged I look at just 27.

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Skin tightening after weight loss

Weight loss can leave the skin looking unsupported and sagging. There are 3 approaches to consider:

  1. surgically removing extra skin
  2. filling and supporting the sagging skin
  3. tightening the skin nonsurgically

Here are some specifics:

  1. Most patients want to avoid surgery if they can, particularly someone who is young. It may be a good idea, but when done without addressing lost volume, it may just make the skin look "pulled" and not natural
  2. The best way to fill and support the skin of the face is with a volume stimulator (read: collagen stimulator). Sculptra is ideal at creating generalized volume. Site-specific fillers can also be done as needed.
  3. Skin tightening can be achieved with various options that heat the skin and soft tissue. A radiofrequency device such as Exilis would be a good option to consider.

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