26, Would Like Smaller Eyes?

I’m 26 and I want my eyes to be smaller. My eyes become squinty when I cry (they look slightly swollen/almond shaped and I think you can see more of my eyelids too perhaps) and I always look more attractive. I know this sounds odd, but I’ve had people agree with me. Are there surgical procedures that would produce this look? I don’t want it to be drastic and I feel like since my eyes already become this way when I cry it shouldn’t be that invasive to create this look permanently. Thanks!

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Smaller Eyes with Surgery

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   Unless there is a great deal of scleral show, reducing the aperture is not a great idea.  Vision should be paramount, and creating additional issues can be a concern with manipulation of the aperture.

Operations to make eyes smaller don't exist.

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The aperture of the eye is set genetically and is not tampered with.  In disease conditions the lower eyelids can droop or the eyeball can be pushed forward by changes in intraorbital volume.  The treatment of the condition makes the aperture smaller.  Otherwise, no surgery is indicated.

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