My 26-yr. Old Daughter Wants an Arcus Margenalis Release W/fat Graft

using laser surgery to be done in the Boston area at a cost of ~ $7500. I'm concerned that there will be long terms effects later in life and that the procedure is still too new to assess that possibility. Any advice from practicing plastic surgeons would be greatly appreciated.

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Arcus marginalis release

Without a photo or face to face examination it is impossible to say whether or not this is appropriate surgery for your daughter. Your concerns are valid given she is your daughter and you may be paying for the surgery. It is unclear why you would need to do both the release and the fat graft though. The arcus marginalis is the portion of the orbital septum near the bone rim under the eye. Its release allows you to get to the fat bulging into the eyelid and use it to drape over and cover the bone rim under the eye in which case you would not need an additional graft. If the problem is hollowing out of the eyes the graft would be required and then there would be no need for the release. The use of a laser adds very little to the procedure other than it sounds better or costs more. It can be done with or without the laser with little difference in the end result.

It is unlikely that your daughter will listen to you. The best recommendation I could make would be for you to ask your daughter to see one or 2 more surgeons for a second opinion. You can find qualified surgeons in your area through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website or just call up the department of plastic surgery at any of the university hospitals in Boston.

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