Hi, Im 26 and Wanting to Start Trying for a Family by the End of the Year, Breast Implants Before or After?

i am torn on weather to get breast implants before or after kids. i want to book my surgery for september and want to go off the pill in november.. i do want to breast feed or express. Will it cause any problems with healing or with the implants when my milk comes in?

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Breastfeeding after breast surgery

Having breast augmentation surgery may affect breastfeeding. The exact percentage of patients who have diminished ability to breastfeed is difficult to determine. I do suggest waiting to have any breast surgery if you are planning on pregnancy sometime in the near future. Factors, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, and weight loss may affect the results of yor breast surgery.

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Breast implants before pregnancy

If you're planning to start a family soon, then definitely wait until you're done before having breast implants. Pregnancy is the biggest hormonal storm for your breasts over your whole life, and sometimes changes the size and shape of the breasts permanently. So the reason to wait is that the results are unpredictable if you have implants then pregnancies. If you wait until after, the results are predictable. Good luck!

To Wait or not to Wait

There are good reasons to wait under after you have had your children before having breast augmentation.  But you don't have to wait.  Patients can get pregnant, have children and breast feed perfectly fine after having breast augmentation.  However, there will be some changes in your breasts from having children and from breast feeding so you might want to wait to see how your breasts will be affected before having breast implants.  The choice is yours. 

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Breast implants before pregnancy

I would suggest to wait after the pregnancy. You can have some changes in the shape and volume of the breast so the sresult can be altered by this.

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Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy

If my patients are planning a pregnancy in the near future, I usually suggest to wait until after they finish breastfeeding.  The implants won't affect your pregnancy or breastfeeding, however many women experience some changes in breast size and shape after pregnancy.  You will have a more realistic and longer lasting result if you wait until after.  There is also some concern that hormonal changes associated with pregnancy as well as possible infection from breastfeeding may contribute to capsular contractures that may distort the shape of your implants in the future.

If waiting doesn't bother you, I would wait.

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