I'm 26 and Was Wondering if There is a Surgeon That Will Give Me a Short Scar Facelift in Nsw?

I'm 26 and my face has dropped and was wondering if a surgeon will give a 26 yr old a short scar face lift I just want my features lifted and tightened I don't want fat transfer

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Facelift In Your 20's

Thank you for the great question. Without pictures or examining your face in person, it's difficult to give recommendations. However, facial aesthetic procedures can be indicated even in a patient's 20's. A full facelift is uncommon, but a short scar facelift (S-lift) or even an endoscopic facelift (midface lift) can be great options. I would recommend meeting with 2 or 3 different surgeons to get a clearer picture of what's right for you. Best of luck!

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Facelift in a 26 year old

Hello Sandycrunch

There is no cut off age for a facelift. Most people who do get facelifts are older then 26. They usually range in the early 40's all the way to the late 80s if healthy.

In your case, it is hard to answer the ? without pictures to evaluate. A short scar facelift may be an option but along with the incisions for your facelift you must also ask what layers of the face are being addressed. The skin only, muscle layer of the face and neck (SMAS and platysma), the midface, etc. 

I would recommend consultation with a board-certified surgeon

Good luck,

Sachin Parikh, MD 

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Face lift for a young woman

There's no way to answer what another surgeon will recommend, especially without photos, but I recommend seeing 3 different board certified plastic surgeons.   If you get a consensus opinion, then you should follow that advise. If you get different opinions, then you can go with the one you are most comfortable with.

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Short Scar Facelift in 26 year old

    Short scar facelift may be performed in younger individuals particularly after massive weight loss.  It would be important to evaluate current anatomy and expectations.  Sometimes, the improvements made are not worth the scars.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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