How Can I Get Smaller Areolas Without the Puffiness?

I do not have tuberous breast, nor do I have kids. I wear a size D bra but my aerolas are always big and puffy, yet when they constrict they go from a half dollar size to a nickel size and look perfect. Also, my skin is very thin and you can see the veins in my nipples when they are not constricted. Is there anything I can do to make them look permanently constricted? I am 25.

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Areolar Reduction is a Possibility

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I’m not sure what you mean when you say your areolas are ‘puffy.’ Based upon the picture you provided, I would not describe your areolas as ‘puffy’, but instead as normal.

You could consider an areolar reduction -- but given your breast size and weight, skin quality, and absence of breast skin laxity this will have to be performed utilizing a technique to reduce the risk of scar widening. An areolar reduction will produce a more defined areolar border and the natural variegated color transition from areola to breast skin will be lost. Your evaluation will be important for understanding your specific concerns, and for evaluating your areolar size and tissue characteristics. Then your surgeon will be able to present appropriate options and make the best recommendation for you.  Best wishes.
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Pouty Nipples Corrected By a Benelli Mastopexy

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Your nipples are pouty or puffy due to a lack of strong collagenous tissue at the edge of your areolar.  This can be corrected by a circumferential areolar reduction which will tighten the dermis and push the herniated breast tissue back where it belongs.  This also requires undermining your skin for a distance of 5 -10 cm in 3 directions and a permanent suture at the edge of your areolar. 

You also have enlarged asymmetric areolar, somewhat droopy (ptotic breast) and your left breast is larger than your right.  A Benelli mastopexy could lift both breasts, correct your pouty nipples, equalize the breasts, and level the nipples. 

Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in doing the circumareolar or Benelli mastopexy.  However, if you are planning on having children, postpone this surgery until you are done having children because breast enlargement with pregnancy can distort a well done Benelli mastopexy. 

Areola reduction?

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Thank you for the question and picture. Based on your description and picture my first recommendation would be: no surgery  at this time.  Basically, I think that the risks of the procedure  (in your case)  outweigh the potential benefits.

The risk of areola reduction surgery include ( but are not limited to)  infection, areola asymmetry, loss of sensation, hypertrophic or keloid scar formation, wound healing problems,  spreading of the areola, flattening of the breast profile etc. if you objectively weigh those risks against the current situation you may agree that the  surgery is not indicated at this time.

One of the most popular sayings in our office is “if it ain't broke don't fix it”.

Best wishes.

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