255cc Implants Under from 32b to 32dd, Is This a Normal Size Jump?

Hi There, 9 months ago I got my breasts done, I was a 32b and wanted a natural look. After 2 different consultations I found a breat specialist who said he could achieve a natural look. I asked to go to a C. The surgeon suggested 265 high profile however I went with 255cc moderate after research online. 9 Months later I am surprised at my DD breasts. They are very natural however seem to be bigger at the base. As I dont know much I was hoping for advice as 3 sizes is a big difference.

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Implant size and cup size

During a consultation I do not concentrate on cup size.  Most women are not sure of their bra size, or they wear a size B because they do not want to buy a size A or they give me more than one size when asked what size bra they wear.  I prefer that the patient like the way she looks after a breast augmentation and whatever that new size bra turns out to be that is the new size.

Implant volumes do not match bra cup size.  Unfortunately women are used to bra sizes and plastic surgeons are used to discussing implant volumes because that is the way the implants are made.  The key decision that must be made between the patient and the plastic surgeon is what size implant will give the patient the size increase she is interested in without placing an implant that is too large.

Implants that are too large for the patient have a higher chance of problems the majority of which require additional surgery.  The appropriate size implant will give a natural result that will look better sooner after the procedure and it will look better longer.

Bra manufacturers do nat make bras that are uniform in size so cup size will vary a bit by manufacturer.  The ultimate question is do you like the way you look? If you do the size bra you are wearing is not really that important.  If you do not like the way you look you need to return to your plastic surgeon to discuss the reasons you do not like your appearance.

Thank you for your question.

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Implants and cup size

It is always difficult to match cup size and implant volumes. That is why I focus on the volume with patients during exam. Bra manufacturers have different scales to measure cup size and it varies from company to company.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant size versus bra size.

The 255 cc implants are a little over a cup size in volume (loose rule of thumb), but this does not equate with a cup size change in your bra size. It depends on which style and manufacturer's bra you wear. If you like the look you have don't worry about what the bra size is.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon
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This size implant causes about 1 cup size enlargement; bra selection is up to the individual!

I'm glad to see you are happy with your natural look. Choosing moderate profile implants at this size (255cc) also seems to be the right choice, as 265cc high profile implants would have been too narrow for most breast base widths, and you would then be complaining about "too-wide" cleavage.

This volume breast implant generally causes a one-cup size enlargement, so I don't really understand your pre-op and post-op bra discrepancy. The key to this conundrum, however, is not about the letters on your bra label! If you like the look of your breasts, great!

Then buy whichever bras look great and fit like you want them to, regardless of the letters on the label! Please enjoy your new look! Best wishes!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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