25 Yrs Old. Would I Benefit from a Lift or Implant with Lift? (photo)

People think I'm crazy when I used to say I want bigger boobs. Push up bras help, I guess. I'm 25, and I don't know if I would benefit more from a lift by itself or perhaps an implant with a lift. It makes me want to cry looking at my boobs knowing that they're so saggy and low at 25. I wish they were higher and perkier.

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25 Yrs Old. Would I Benefit from a Lift or Implant with Lift?

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I think you would benefit from either of your choices.

A lift alone will raise  the nipple and areola from its current position. Sometimes if you lift you arms straight overhead, you will simulate the result of a lift, save for the scars. You will also see if the size at that level of elevation is satisfactory. (Usually when the sagging breast is lifted into place it looks smaller.) 

If the size is less than you wish, an augmentation is in order. 

The nature of the lift would be determined at the consultation, but may well require just an incision around the areola.

Thanks for your question and for attaching the photo. Bewst wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift with or without implants

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Looking at your pictures you do seem to need at least a periareolar (around the areola) lift. Having implants at the same time is possible and has to do with whether or not you want to be larger than now. Additionally you may be a candidate for a lift with internal support using Strattice. This will give you a nominal increase in size without an implant. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon with expertise in this area. 

Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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From your picture it looks like it would be a good idea to get a minimal lift possible Peri lift or Vertical with a modest implant. You need to see a PS to give you options.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Lift plus implants beneficial

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Dear Hopeful, In looking at your photos, and that is no substitute for a consultation, I think you are an excellent candidate for an augmentation mastopexy.  You really need nipple areolar repositioning and for this reason, aside from the fact you don't need much lift, I would do either a periareolar or vertical mastopexy with no scar under the breast.  A lot of that would depend on your exam.  I feel combining the lift with a small moderate or moderate profile plus implant would give you the result you need.  I would not use a high profile implant as it would probably give you "torpedo" breasts.  See several doctors before deciding.  Good luck, Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton.

Lollipop breast lift without implants is very effective.

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You do not need implants to have perky breasts.  The internal vertical (Lejour technique) breast lift gives very good long term shape.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift or lift with implants

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This is a common scenario. Implants do not significantly change the shape of your breasts, although if a big implant was used, it may go some way to achieve a small lift as it will 'take up' some of the excess skin.

A formal breast lift is much more effective at achieving a lift, but involves more obvious scarring than just implants alone.

I think that if you want to be quite a bit bigger, then I would recommend implants alone.  If you are happy at your current volume, or just want to be a little bit bigger, then a lift with or without implants.

You really need to have a discussion with a plastic surgeon in your area who is experienced in this surgery.  Good luck.

Breast Shaping using Breast Augmentation and/or Breast Lift

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It is obvious from your description that you are quite dissatisfied with your breasts.  There are several procedures that we can do to improve the appearance of your breasts, but an in depth discussion and examination would be required to accurately assess your concerns and develop an appropriate plan.  The first question is to determine whether or not you like the current size of your breasts.  If you would prefer larger breasts, then we would recommend implants.  Using breast implants, we can achieve a small lift in the nipple position and enhance the shape of the breasts.  However, if more lift is required, then a breast lift would be necessary.  As you mentioned, we perform this combined procedure routinely in the appropriate patient in order to achieve a larger, perkier breast.  The pictures that you included are difficult to interpret since the camera is angled down on your breasts and this alters the relation of the nipple to the breast fold--a basic relationship that we use to assess proper nipple position.  Best wishes in achieving your goals.

Luis Zapiach, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

25 Yrs Old. Would I Benefit from a Lift or Implant with Lift?

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Thanks for posting photos. As you said "higher and perky". Best to implant a 250 ccHP and full lift. But you must understand you could have scars. 

Breast Augmentation/Lifting Candidate?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

I would suggest that you meet with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in person to discuss your goals. Communication of these goals will be improved  with the use of goal pictures. Once you have communicated these goals with your plastic surgeon, he/she will be able to make specific recommendations to you.

For example, if your goal pictures demonstrate significant larger breasts than you already have, then breast augmentation surgery will be necessary to achieve your goals.  Based on the position of your breasts ( and nipples/areola complexes) on your chest wall, some degree of breast lifting and will also be helpful.

 Patients undergoing breast surgery should do enough homework to fully understand the surgical options, pro/cons of each option, and the potential risk/complications associated with each option.  This education will allow patients to make an informed decision about the best option for them and/or determine the best timing ( including considerations of life circumstances…) to undergo the surgical procedure ( if at all).

Breast lifting involves some degree of tightening and lifting of the breast skin envelope.  In order to tighten the skin envelope, skin excision is necessary;  this results in the presence of scars. 
Sometimes, the presence of scars is a “dealbreaker”;  patients would prefer to leave their breasts unchanged than to have scars. At other times, patients  prefer to have the improvement in breast position, shape, and (possibly) size  and are willing to accept the trade-off of scars.

I hope this helps.

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