25 Years Old Microdermabrasion?

I had micro in november, I think my skin was way too sensitive& thin for the procedure, I told the woman that i had extremely sensitive skin, but she said it would be fine. I was EXTREMELY red &patchy after the micro, she then put a collagen mask on my skin, which burnt, and stung my skin. My skin has not been the same since, I used to have a snap it my skin, now its almost scally and crappie, my pores are also very noticeable, which I never expirenced before. Will it ever go back to normal ?

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Microdermabrasion and sensitive skin.

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You should consult a board certified dermatologist who can assess and treat your skin.  You should bring all of the products you are using to your appointment since they may be inappropriate now that you are having problems.  With treatment, your skin should return to normal. 

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