Have Sever Burn Scar Across my Right Cheek, Neck and Arm from when I was a Child, Any Options?

hi i m 25years old female i hvave burn scar on my right arm cheek and neck when i was 3years it is because of hot chicken stok i have lost my confidence and i m totally desperate of my life i just hate my life i saw a plastic surgeon in montreal(canada) and he said no one can make it better it will remain like that sometimes i dont wanna live.please someone can help me

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Multiple burn scars are distressing

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The method of treatment would depend on the severity and extent of the scars. Without any photos, it is impossible to provide you with very helpful advice. Your best bet would be to see one or more additional plastic surgeons who have considerable in treating burn scars and who may be able to provide you with much more hope.

Terrible facial burn scars

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Recent studies and experience show that fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is quite successful in improving the appearance of burn scars.  I use the Activ/Deep Fx and have had excellent improvement (50-70%) in most patients with one or two treatments.  There is some down time - usually 7-10 days related to appearance but not discomfort.  Complete restoration should not be expected, however.






Stephen Mandy, MD
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon
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