How to Treat Asymmetrical Breasts? Right breast is C, Left is A

I'm 25, 5'8 250lbs. Had my first child Sept of 09. My right breast is C & my left is A.They are different in size & shape. My areolas are diff. I have low confidence. I can't find clothing. I just want them to be close to the same size so that i can wear clothing, & feel more comfortable with my husband.

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Breast asymmetry surgery

A breast implant on one side with or without a breast lift and implant on the other side may be the operation of choice for you. Because patients with implants placed on one side for asymmetry are frequently unhappy it would be best to get some sort of implant on the other side. This gets you closer to symmetry than placing a single implant only on the smaller breast side. No one can be truly symmetric in feel and look with a breast implant only on one side.

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VIDEO: Breast implant asymmetry

An examination is necessary as this is very complex. Expect an improvement in the amount of asymmetry and do not anticipate symmetry and you will likely be very pleased with the outcome. See the video (1/4) for options.

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Breast asymmetry

There are several different choices based upopn your desires.  Without photos it is hard to say, and certainly an exam would be vital.

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