2.5 Weeks Post Op for TT and Breast Augmentation...still Really Dizzy.

I am 2.5 weeks post op from a TT and Breast Augmentation and I am still dizzy and lightheaded. I was borderline anemic during my pregnancies and wonder if this could be a problem. I have discussed my issues at length with my ps and he doesn't seem to be too concerned about it. I worry I could have an auto-immune disease, be anemic, etc. My ps thought it was an innder-ear issue, after seeing a ENT that has been ruled out. Is it normal to be dizzy 2.5 weeks after surgery?

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See surgeon/GP asap

This is very unusual and warrants another trip to your PS, or your GP. Best of luck. You may need to take some blood work.

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Abdominoplasty post op

Contact your board certified plastic surgeon's office and alert them that you are still having these concerns. There could be a number of reasons why and you should have it checked out. If your plastic surgeon does nothing, consult with your PCP for lab work. Best of luck.

Christine Sullivan, MD
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2.5 Weeks Post Op for TT and Breast Augmentation...still Really Dizzy.

Standard algorithm is to check your blood count FIRST! I bet you are anemic. middle or inner ear issues are extremely rare following this surgery. Seek a blood test. 

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Lightheadedness and dizziness 2.5 weeks after a breast augmentation and tummy tuck

There are several reasons that you could be dizzy 2.5 weeks following a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. The more likely causes would be anemia, low blood pressure/dehydration and secondary effects from the medication particularly the pain medication. Did you have a recent blood count (H and H - hemaglobin and hematocrit)? With a known history of having a low hematocrit which would have been further lowered by blood loss during surgery, this is a high probability cause. You can request and blood count from your doctor. Iron supplementation will help re-elevated your HCT.

Make sure that you are not dehydrated and are drinking fluids adequately. Get up from chairs of out of bed slowly. Reduce or completely stop taking narcotics if at all possible.

Again, rediscuss your concerns with your surgeon. Your symptoms should resolve fairly soon particularly using the above recommendations.


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2.5 Weeks Post Op for TT and Breast Augmentation...still Really Dizzy.

no it is not normal to be dizzy post op 2-3 weeks. however, it is not uncommon. the cause needs to be figured out and an inner ear problem would be #5 on my list. medications, anemia, dehydration, drug reaction, pulmonary embolism, need to be ruled out first. see your medical doctor for a blood test and have simple blood pressure readings done in different positions to help ferret out the cause. my gut feeeling is that is probably related to pain meds given for surgery. but your MD should be made aware.

Rafael C. Cabrera, MD
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