2.5 Week Scar from Carotid Ligation? (photo)

had tonsillectomy 3 weeks ago, 5 days after had a torrential bleeding which lead to ligation of carotid in order to control bleeding. Stitches were removed from neck few days ago. I am very worried about the scar, looks like it is opening up and time to time I get pain from it. I am applying bio-oil and a scar cream What do you recommend, What can I apply to it? Also the pulse from carotid is very visible and strong over the scar? Thank you

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The mere passage of time will improve this scar. You should give yourself at least one year from the time of surgery.

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So very sorry for the SERIOUS complication and how great you survived! Now for an early scar just use local scar creams and be happy you are alive! 

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