I'm 25 and have acne scarring as well as semi-permanent scowl line in middle forehead. Well Botox help? (photo)

I have acne scarring on my forehead also after being in the sun, or scowling during a bad mood :) I have a line that lasts for a period of time. And it doesn't take much to get it there. These two things are why I'm hoping for a smooth young looking forehead that I used to have but never appreciated! Is this a good solution? If I go to a doctor will they make me feel as if I'm too young for such treatment?

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I'm 25 and have acne scarring as well as semi-permanent scowl line in middle forehead. Well Botox help?

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Hello headnshoulder,

Botox will help with the line that is developing.  It will not help with the acne scarring.  For that you should consider a resurfacing procedure such as a laser or dermabrasion.

I hope this helps and good luck.  

The Woodlands Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox and acne scarring treatments

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Botox is your best option for smoothing out the lines on your forehead caused by "scowling".  Botox will relax this movement and the lines formed between your eyebrows will not be as severe.  

Laser treatments are the best option for acne scarring.  There are many types of laser treatments out there, some include Fraxel, Clear and Brilliant, Pixel.  I recommend talking with a few providers in your area to pick the best treatment for your concerns.

At 25 you are not too young to begin taking care of your skin!

H. George Brennan, MD, FACS
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox for Forehead wrinkles

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Botox will definitely help the wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes and make you look like you are not scowling.  The best treatment for the scars would be Fraxel.  Fraxel in the 1550 wavelength would be very helpful in smoothing out the acne scars, especially while you are young and your collagen would remodel and leave you with more radiant skin.  As with all cosmetic procedures please find a board certified dermatologist who is proficient in these procedures for the best result.

Botox will help your scowl lines/wrinkles

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Botox will help minimize the vertical lines that are forming between your brows, as well as the horizontal lines that are forming across your forehead.
You have some icepick acne scars on your forehead which will not go away with Botox.  To the extent that they are accentuated when you raise your brows, maybe the Botox would minimize the dynamic change in the scars.  But they will still be there.
Fractionated resurfacing or dermaroller microneedling treatments are your best bet for treating the scars.
You are not too young for either treatment.  Botox is preventative and therapeutic for wrinkles.  You will likely need less Botox than a 45 year old, and if you don't get Botox, the lines will just get deeper as the years go by.  That is a lovely thought, I know, but it's the truth! 
Best, Dr McNeill

Anne Marie McNeill, MD, PhD
Newport Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Acne scarring lines and botox

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Its hard to tell from the photo, but generally, botox works great to diminish lines between the eyebrows and forehead and I've used it on patients in their early 20s.  Also, if the acne scars are made worse by muscle motion, botox can often help. 

Rebecca Baxt, MD
Paramus Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox for frown lines

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  • Botox will not affect the acne scarring on your forehead.
  • It will affect the lines that form from scowling. 
  • You are not too young for Botox treatment - early treatment prevents deep lines forming later.
  • If a doctor makes you feel 'too young,', go to someone more helpful.
  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and ENT specialists are more likely to understand because these are the specialties that get training in the field of cosmetic work.
  • If you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist, they may be able to help you with the scarring as well. Best wishes.

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