24 Year Old Interested in Thermage After Weight Lost?

Hello, I gained weight rapidly in high school and lost it pretty rapidly as well.. Over the years I have done a very good job of "chiseling" my body to the way I want it. I have been at the weight of 175 for two years now down from 235 . Long story short I have some looseness or saggyness in my lower belly area. Nothing too major where I feel the scar of a panniculectomy or mini tummy tuck is worth it however I would like to improve it if possible. My question is ... Will thermage be successful

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Thermage for saggy lower belly

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Without examining you, it is difficult to give an opinion.  Thermage can tighten loose skin but does not take the place of a tummy tuck.  You should consult a board certified plastic surgeon or surgical dermatologist who offers both Thermage and tummy tucks to obtain a recommendation.

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Thermage for abdominal tightening

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Without a photo, it's impossible to respond to your question. You may also want to look into Vaser liposuction which combines lipo with tightening.

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