24F; Am I a Good Candidate For Hair Transplant? I Have Had Thin Hair From Birth.

Can a 24 Year Old Girl Be a Good Candidate for the Surgery...i Have Thin Hair Right from Birth...can There Be Some Improvement?

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24 year old female with thinning hair

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The best treatment for most women with thinning hair is scalp micropigmentation. 80% of women are poor hair transplant candidates because they have miniaturization of the hair in the back of their head. On the other hand, Scalp Micopigmentation is a wonderful solution as seen in the video and the web reference below

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General thin hair does not necessarily mean you are a good hair transplant candidate.

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General thin hair does not necessarily mean you are a good hair transplant candidate.  A doctor would need to examine you and give you an assessment based on clear goals and expectations.

Jae Pak, MD
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Thin hair is not a good indication for hair transplant

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Consider non surgical methods such as Rogaine for now. There are many methods of hair transplantation.  Wanted them RFUE and another can be a surgical flap.  Grafts can be taken with as few as one hair follicle or multiple follicles.  The quality of the hair, the number of follicles per unit and the location in which the hair is to be placed are all important determinants in the final result.  While it is a common misconception that hair can and should be taken from any location, taking appropriate hair from an appropriate location is key to success.  For instance, one cannot always use hair from a beard to replace a frontal hairline.  The orientation in which Harris placed is also important.  If the frontal hairline is being created then it is important to make sure that hairs are aligned in the correct orientation.  The way the hair is also laid down, for example a staggered pattern versus a straight line will also change the quality of the result.  You should certainly visit with a surgeon who does many of these types of transplantations as well as offers multiple options for hair restoration.  The cost can vary by geographic locale.  In general they can arrange from $7000-$25,000.  When you go over consultation ask for before and after photographs.

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In general, diffuse scalp thinning is not an indication for being able to achieve a good result from a hair transplant.  In my experience, I have found that laser light therapy can help thicken existing hairs, and secondarily the vitamin biotin may be helpful as well.

Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS
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Female Hair Transplant candidate

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It really depends on your donor site.  If you have an area that the hair is adequately thick, using a FUE (follicular unit extraction) machine such as Neograft is a safe approach.  The hair units can then be grafted into the thinning regions such as the visible anterrior hairline or a part in the hair that appears thin.  If your entire head is very thin hair and you don't have a good donor site, then unfortunately hair grafting may not be your best option, but topical treatments exist.  There are some injection materials that seem to be thickening hair- I recommend Matristem by Acell to inject into scalps. 

Female Candidate for Hair Transplant

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Normally, a female candidate for hair transplant needs to have thinning in a concentrated area so that there is a sufficient donor supply (the back and sides of the scalp). For female pattern baldness this is a diffuse thinning across the top of the scalp, or for traction alopecia the loss is concentrated at the hairline. If you have noticeably thin hair over your entire scalp, you may not have an adequate donor zone. However, this can only be assessed in person. Thus, I advise you to seek out a consultation with a hair transplant surgeon. Best of luck.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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Thin hair candidate for transplant?

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If your hair is thin all over since birth you are probably not a candidate for a hair transplant.  However, if you only have thinning around the top and front, hair transplantation may be a possibility for you.  I would recommend you getting a professional opinion from a doctor that deals with hair loss.

Jack Fisher, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Thin hair since birth.

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From the information you have given, it is unlikely that har transplantation could give significant improvement unless your thinness is only at the front and top of your scalp. You hold see a specialist to be sure. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

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