I Have 24 Hrs to Decide Whether to Do Traditional or Slim Lipo; Which One?

I am 20-25lbs overweight, 34, and I have two kids, and I am very active with a pretty healthy diet. I have a one year old and am still working on getting back down to before him size!! Last twenty has been tough! I am scheduled for traditional lipo on July 9th and just can't decide if I should go with slim lipo instead! Overwhelmed with all the information? I am getting three areas stomach, love handles, and bra line. I have great skin elasticity with very few stretch marks. Please help!!

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Traditional or Slim Lipo?

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Traditional liposuction is in fact effective and safe liposuction.  There is no evidence that "Slim", "Smart", "Cool", "Really Cool", or any other form of marketed proprietary liposuction is any better, and of course you should keep in mind that they are promoted to plastic surgeons primarily as a marketing tool to attract patients who are themselves always attracted to the idea that new-sounding high-tech names must indicate a more advanced and more effective technique.  And, in many cases, these are not being promoted or used by surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Good luck with your traditional liposuction.

Lipo is lipo is lipo but not for weight loss

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There are many variations of liposuction technology including slim lipo, smooth lipo, smart lipo, tickle lipo, VASER lipo, and so forth but it is very hard to demonstrate clear advantages of one over the other. Cut through the marketing hype and choose the best surgeon, not the technology. All liposuction is surgery but it is body contouring not weight loss.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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