Which is best? Allergan 330 Style 10 silicone implants or 397 Style 15? (Photo)

I am scheduled for a BA and I need help deciding between Allergan 330 Style 10 silicone implants and 397 style 15. My PS recommended the 330s Style 10, but I did not ask him about the Style 15 yet. I would like to know if they both would produce a similar result as they are similar in diameter. I am 23, 5'2", 115lbs, BWD is 14, and 6cm between nipple & crease. I currently wear a 34B, however I don't fill it out completely. I plan on dropping about 5-8lbs and I know my breasts will shrink.

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Personal preference

both implants would fit your body frame, the style 10 moderate profile has 3.6cm of projection with the style 15 mid-range profile having 4.2cm-only one half a cm difference.  The larger volume will increase your cup about one half a cup size with slightly more fullness (roundness) in your upper breast. I use a sizing system to let patients try on different profile and size implants until we find what they are looking for.  Ten percent of women in the Mentor silicone gel study wished they had gone bigger.

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Selecting Implants

First of all, you should be congratulated on doing your research. You seem to have a good understanding of your implant options already. One important consideration is the look you want from your augmentation results. If you want your breasts to look like an extremely natural, fuller version of your own, then you might choose the 330 style 10s. If you want a little more projection and fullness, the 397 style 15 might be a better choice. Your surgeon is the best person to help guide you through this decision-making process. Good luck!

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What is the perfect breast implant?

The most appropriate breast implant for you depends on your idea of the "perfect breast." Your plastic surgeon should be able to pick the best implant for you based on your your breast measurements, height, weight and look you want to achieve. 

The decision between a style 10, 15, 20 or a 410 cohesive gel type breast implant is completely determined by how round, how full, how high up on your chest you desire your breasts etc etc etc. These choices should be explained to you by your plastic surgeon & you need to bring in your "perfect world breast" pictures to your plastic surgeon. If your surgeon can't explain why he or she is choosing one type of implant over another, perhaps he/she doesn't have the experience you're seeking. 

Dr Michele Koo

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The Best Implant

Thank you for your question.
This is a good question and it comes to deciding between the basic look you want to achieve after the augmentation. I tell my patients there are four basic types of looks for the augmented breast:
(1) the completely natural look- no one would suspect you had augmentation.
(2) the "she's really lucky or had a really good augmentation" look- less projection and little wider base (moderate or moderate plus profile)
(3) the "tastefully augmented" look- more projecting  (high profile)
(4) the cartoon breast- implants are too big for your body
I, personally, do not do the cartoon breasts, even if they requested. There are just too many long term problems (tissue thinning, implant position issues, etc). Another important measurement is the nipple to fold distance on stretch. This will tell you if your tissue can accommodate a higher profile implant. 
I hope this helps

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"Best" implants for you are . . .

Both implants are perfectly "fine," but the "best" implants are the ones that most closely match your size and projection goals.

A difference of 67cc is just over 2 ounces. I don't believe you would see much difference between the volume of these two implants, or if you did, it would truly be miniscule. Think about how much bigger one breast would be if it had the equivalent of 1/6th of a can of soda more volume than the opposite breast. Right--hardly visible.

But, those slightly larger midrange profile (same as moderate plus) profile implants also have about 6mm more projection and about the same width.as the 330cc moderate profile implants. So, a little volume increase and a little projection increase will make slightly more visible change. Less "natural" appearance, IMHO, but not that big a difference either way.

Also, as I have reviewed some of the answers of my colleagues, you should know that the 330cc implants are moderate profile (there is no such labeling as "low profile" but style 10 is marketed as "moderate profile" by Allergan--these are the "lowest" of this company's implant profiles). The actual dimensions of the 330cc moderate profile style 10 Natrelle implants are 13.0cm width and 3.6cm projection. The moderate plus profile style 15 (also called midrange profile by Allergan) 397cc implants are 13.1cm width and 4.2cm projection. These dimensions are essentially equivalent diameters, with the 397s having the increased volume of 67cc and 6mm--about 1/4 inch--more projection. (But you already knew that!) Sientra (the third US implant manufacturer) do make what they call "low profile," moderate profile, and high profile implants, which may contribute to the confusion in terminology.

Frankly, though my advice is generally to choose just slightly larger than you feel is "perfect" when "sizing," you are young, petite, and with firm perky breasts that likely have pretty firm tissues and strong underlying musculature. Without a personal examination it is inappropriate to give definitive advice, but if I would hazard an online choice, I would suggest the 330cc moderate profile implants if you want the most natural, sporty look. If you want slightly more of a visible Baywatch "va-va-voom" appearance, go for the 397s.

BTW, you don't look as if you have 5-8 lbs to lose, and unless your breasts are more fatty than glandular, they shouldn't be expected to deflate much with weight loss at your age. Unless, of course, you already have goen through that weight change in the past and seen what your breasts do.

Final advice--talk more with your surgeon. S/he has lots of experience with size choice; you have not done this before. For more information, click on the web reference link below. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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I think you will be more happy with style 15.

I think you will be more happy with style 15, I rarely use style 10 implants anymore, as they tend to be too flat.

Reps B. Sundin, MD
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What is the best shape for me a moderate profile or a low profile?

On examining the picture and considering your dimensions it appears to have approximately  a 13 cm diameter basewidth or in other words your breasts are 13 cm wide. Generally in my experience most women who come in for breast augmentation preferred the moderate profile appearance  the best.  I also feels it gives wonderful natural-appearing breasts.  I have used a low-profile on rare occasions  and I feel it is for an extremely conservative woman.  You have one other option for a great implant in the 13 cm diameter range and that would be a Sientra 410cc.

Usha Rajagopal, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Implant Size And Profile

Implant Size And Profile

The volume is less of an issue than contour. The larger volume will make you a DD in a 34 bra while
the smaller volume will make you closer to a c cup.  I usually use at least mod plus profile as as I find the others too wide and flat for most patients.

Also, I believe that Sientra implants are somewhat better implants and are only available to board certified plastic surgeons.  Many doctors are switching to textured gel. The warranty is much better.  Textured are the most commonly used implants internationally.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Implant selection

Choosing the right implant for you is only done in person after a thorough exam and a review of your concerns and overall medical history.  Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Style 10 vs style 15

My colleagues that have answered the question have covered all the bases that should help you with your decision.
Style 15 is more commonly used than style 10. I think what really helps is if you convey your thoughts on what you are trying to achieve to a board certified plastic surgeon so she/he can help pick the best implant. I always try to listen to what the patient is saying. This is a very private and sometimes uncomfortable decision. Try to be as honest with your surgeon about the look that you want. Sometimes pictures can serve as a guide. Pictures can show your surgeon what you sometimes can't easily express. As you can tell there is so many different options when it comes picking an implant. So with good communication you can help your surgeon pick the right implant for you.
It has been my experience that most ladies initially pick implants that are smaller than they really want. Best of luck.

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