2300 Grafts Using FUE Hair Transplant Method?

I talked with a doctor about FUE hair transplant. After seeing my hair he said I will need about 2300 grafts, and cost about $15,000. I also wanted my hairline lowered a little because I have a kinda big forehead. Now I'm just curious because its my first ever procedure let alone hair transplant. Also I live in Sacramento,CA and the doctor I met is in Santa Clara,CA. So if anyone has any tips or helpful info - please do let me know.

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Hair replacement surgery.

If u have hair transplants of whatever type how many sessions are needed to give u natural density. For 35 years I have done grafting as well as The Fleming-mayer Flap. Since we do both we do not care which the patient chooses. Most patients will choose the FM flap after they compare and see actual patients not just photos. The flap gives superior density, no change in hair texture and is much cheaper. 

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Get a few more opinions. FUE is not the only way to go especially if you are concerned with cost and quality of result. The quality of the graft and creation of recipient sites are the most important factors in follicular unit hair transplantation. 


Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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Consults for hair loss

It is important to get multiple consults.  You would be surprised how much things can vary.  Cost for example can be double in one place compared to another.  You can google things like FUE graft cost to get an idea of how costs vary around the country.  Also, make sure you are dealing with a place that dose a lot of FUE.  FUE is a lot harder to get done efficiently with good survival rates.  

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
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See another doctor for a consult

You need to see other doctors for a second opinion.  If you are questioning the consultation or recommendation you should do more research.  FUE may not be the best option for you.  2000+ graft may not be what you need.  There is no way to know unless you do your due diligence. 

I was an engineer working with Dr. Rassman in 1998 (before I became a doctor) . My work involved a concept of a robot which would use a special optical sighting system to align the hairs for an automated FUE. This work became U.S. Patent 6572625 that we licensed to the ARTAS robot. Similar technology from our U.S. Patents are used in the NeoGraft. I perform FUE in my practice with my hybrid FUE instruments, ARTAS, or even NeoGraft. My point is that I am very familiar with the FUE, ARTAS, NeoGraft, and all forms of harvesting hair follicles.

However, the focus of surgery should be on RESULTS. Not how a doctor takes out the grafts. From a donor scarring perspective, YOUR HAIR IS LONG. If you are ever going to shave your head or cut your hair really short, you should probably get the FUE. That is it. If a "line scar" scares you, then get the FUE.

Many doctors push FUE or Neograft or ARTAS claiming "no scar" or "minimally invasive".  
Many doctors dissuade patients from strip surgery asking "why would you want a big scar".

Just remember a 4000 graft FUE scar is like having a collective open wound hole the size of a baseball on the back of the head. There is nothing minimally invasive about that. I also perform Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) and fix horrible FUE scars routinely. These is nothing "scarless" about FUE.

I have performed surgery on Dr. Rassman and his family members using the strip technique. The linear scar on Dr. Rassman is a pencil thin line you probably will have a hard time finding. The point is, a strip surgery scar is not as terrible as the Internet makes it out to be.

Both FUE and Strip surgeries has its place.  Don't be caught up in marketing and doctors who try to sell you one type surgery.

The focus should be on Results.
A bad hair transplant result from FUE or Strip is like Herpes. You'll carry it with you for life.

Jae Pak, MD
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2300 grafts and a big forehead

For frontal balding, this number of grafts is reasonable provided that you are taking propecia to prevent shock hair loss which is common in young men. Take a look at our gallery which has thousands of men who had hair transplants with the # of grafts below their pictures. Find someone that looks like you (web reference below), Good luck

William Rassman, MD
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Natural Looking Hair Transplant

I think a far more natural appearance can be achieved using FUE hair transplant method. However, an important qualifier to that opinion is that the result will vary tremendously dependent upon the skills of the Doctor. Even though most of the labor is done by very skilled technicians, it should be the physician who is determining the distribution of the grafts, the angles of placement, the structure of the hairline and the overall artistic nature of the transplant. I have seen many bad transplants that could have been done properly to achieve an excellent result, but didn't because of errors of judgement. I would be very cautious about dropping the hairline very much. The expense quoted seems very reasonable.

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Best method for hair transplantation?

There are many methods of hair transplantation.  Wanted them RFUE and another can be a surgical flap.  Grafts can be taken with as few as one hair follicle or multiple follicles.  The quality of the hair, the number of follicles per unit and the location in which the hair is to be placed are all important determinants in the final result.  While it is a common misconception that hair can and should be taken from any location, taking appropriate hair from an appropriate location is key to success.  For instance, one cannot always use hair from a beard to replace a frontal hairline.  The orientation in which Harris placed is also important.  If the frontal hairline is being created then it is important to make sure that hairs are aligned in the correct orientation.  The way the hair is also laid down, for example a staggered pattern versus a straight line will also change the quality of the result.  You should certainly visit with a surgeon who does many of these types of transplantations as well as offers multiple options for hair restoration.  The cost can vary by geographic locale.  In general they can arrange from $7000-$25,000.  When you go over consultation ask for before and after photographs.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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