I am 23 years old and about a year ago I had botox under my eyes which caused my cheeks to drop. Can RF lift the skin?

I ended up with quite bad eye bags and the skin under my eyes is still very loose compared to the rest of my skin. I have tried dermal fillers and they seemed to wear out very quickly. I have been looking at treatments such as refirme and other skin tightening treatments however I dont want to lose fat on my face and I have heard that this can happen? I just want to lift the skin. Can you please suggest what would be best? Botox has worn off now but I still have eye bags especially when I smile.

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Bags under the eyes

I'm not sure why you had Botox injected "under" your eyes and there are no before and after pictures to evaluate. I also don't know why Botox from a year ago would cause persistent "bags" under the eyes. At 23, the "bags" under the eyes are likely genetic or hereditary due to protrusion or the under eye fat. This can be corrected with surgery such as transonjuctival blepharoplasty with possible skin pinch performed by an experienced facial, general or occuloplastic surgeon. I do not believe there is any long-term, effective non-surgical alternative.

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