I am a 22yr old female. I have had diffuse hair loss for 3yrs now. Could this be an issue caused by a fungal infection? (photo)

Along with hair loss, I had a horrible rash this past summer on each of my thighs, on top. This took almost 3 months to get rid of. I have a slight fungal infection on one of my toenails. Have had warts on my feet and around my fingernails, which I no longer have a problem with. When I was younger I had very bad dandruff. Havent had a history of yeast infections, but have had several UTIs. Does this sound like a fungal issue? if so, and I get it under control, will my hair hopefully grow back?

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Rashes and Hair loss

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A good rule of thumb is thay individuals with hair loss plus "rashes" should see a dermatologist. Often a biopsy of both the rash and the scalp is helpful and blood tests may be ordered. Overall, it's pretty unlikely that this rash was caused by a fungal infection. 

I always advise patients to bring in pictures - so do take this photo to a dermatologist. 

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