22 Yr Old (No Children, 5'3 128 Pounds) 3 Weeks Post-op BA & Donut Lift, Breasts Appear Saggy? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation and donut lift done 3 weeks ago. High profile silicone implants 500cc placed under muscle. I'm worried that my implants are not dropping correctly/fast enough. My breasts appear saggy and while the top of my breasts are hard to the touch the breast under my nipples is quite soft. Also my nipples are much lower than I would like them to be. Am I healing correctly? Is there anything I can do to fix this without another surgery? My PS said I am not dropping fast enough.

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22 Yr Old (No Children, 5'3 128 Pounds) 3 Weeks Post-op BA & Donut Lift, Breasts Appear Saggy? (photo)

Thank you for the photos. Although you are 3 weeks postop, your implants seem to be placed too high and I doubt that they will drop into the desired position. You have lose breast tissue in the lower poles. Without your preop photos, it is hard to know, but I believe you did have lower pole breast tissue sagging. Inspite of the huge implants relative to your breasts and chest and the minimal areolar lift, you still have sagging. I personally would've used smaller implants with a vertical lift and lower pole breast tissue excision. You cannot move the saggy tissue up, it will end up at the bottom. You can wait for six months and some improvement will happen, but I believe you will need another operation (at least one) to fix your current condition. Stay in close contact with your PS. Good luck.

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3 Weeks Post-op BA & Donut Lift, Breasts Appear Saggy?

It is never helpful to look at an early postop and make judgement without seeing preop photos. 

These implants are large, and as is common are high riding. The implants will settle some as the pectoral muscles begin to relax to accommodate the implants. The implants will, in all likelihood, fill out the lower poles of the breasts more, the upper poles less. Whether more of a lift ( and perhaps smaller implants) might be in the future, time will tell. But 6 months of patience is a must. 

All the best. 

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