What Options Do I Have for an Overbite, Weak Chin, and a Bulbous Nose with Dorsal Hump?

I obviously have a very odd face and consider myself extremely unlucky. My nose is crooked, bulbous, has a dorsal hump, and a droopy hooked tip. In addition my cheeks are sagging & I believe my fat pads are falling. I also have extra skin and this creates two lines cutting across each cheek. As if that weren't enough my jaw is an overbite & my chin is really small! My family says there is nothing wrong with me and it is very discouraging b.c there clearly is! Drs please leave suggestions

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Bulbous nose

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Without photos it's difficult to make any specific recommendations but in general all the problems you are describing can be addressed by rhinoplasty and other procedures. It's ok to want to change some things you are not happy with and don't think portray you in your best light.  However you should not think that there is "something wrong with me" that has to be fixed. That's what your family is responding to. They love you and don't think there is anything "wrong". Express your feelings to them about the changes you want and why and they'll be more supportive.

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Plastic Surgery Options

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Without pictures, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  However, for your nose issues, you would probably benefit from a rhinoplasty.  For your chin, an implant may be helpful.  For your overbite, you would need a full examination to determine the best course of action.

Good Luck.

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