Age 22; Should I Get a Brazilian Butt Lift Before or After I Have Kids Within Two Years?

Im 22,plan to Have Kids in the Next 1-2yrs. Should I Get the BBL Done Now or After I Have my Kids?

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Brazilian butt lift

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This is a very personal decision. The changes on your body associated with pregnancy are unpredictable. Regardless, your results probably won't be affected by this process and your  buttocks typically won't see a dramatic during this period. 

Should You Wait to Have Children Before Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

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A Brazilian Butt Lift will not impact your ability to have children, but, during pregnancy, changes to your body will occur. If the fat in the rest of your body increases in size, the fat injected into your buttocks will also increase in size. It is not possible to predict how the site will react to the changes, i.e. the skin may sag, but it is possible that you will need minor revisions to the area after having children. Some women are pleased by having this procedure done before pregnancy as the fat removed during liposuction will not return if there is any weight gain, meaning that you will remain thinner during pregnancy. Also, most patients do not have problems with their Brazilian Butt Lift results following pregnancy.  

Jaime Perez, MD

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Jaime Perez, MD
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Before or after

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You can get a BBL now but usually pregnancy negatively affects your results. However, it is impossible to say how they will affect your results. Usually, pregnancy can cause fat and loose skin to accumulate in your midsection, expanding your waistline. It also could widen your hips. These are typical and may or may not occur to you.

The only thing is that liposuction does reduce the number of fat cells you have in the treated area, so you'll be generally leaner with weight gain than if you don't have the surgery at all. 

Ronald Levine, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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