22 - My Right Eye Droops, I Think? How Can I Fix It? (photo)

My right eye has always "drooped." When I smile, it squints really noticeably. Eyeliner applied on my top lid will smear and wipe off around my brow bone only on that eye because of how the skin is hooded. I don't know if it's relevant, but when I was 16 I was told that I have amblyopia in my right eye that could no longer be corrected since I was too old. I have a few pictures of what it looks like but I don't take many pictures while smiling since the squinting is obvious and ugly.

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Your young face is still changing, but something can be done when you're a bit older

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Based on your photos, you have a little bit more skin and soft tissue over your right eye that makes the crease less defined. And I would probably recommend doing some type of right upper eyelid blepharoplasty to remove a little extra skin and fat, but since you are relatively young, I recommend you wait until you’re a bit older.

With Asian eyelid surgery in my practice, we have many younger women who come to have their crease formed because they never had a crease. It is possible to do a conservative reduction of skin in any age but that’s a matter of personal choice with the understanding that as you get older, there will be changes. I actually wrote a book about this called “The Fine Art of Looking Younger” and emphasized that there are continuous changes that occur throughout a lifetime. One of the things that could happen is that the fullness of the skin and fat, and the thickness of skin in the upper eyelids do change. That said, I like the idea of working on someone whose face is more matured because there will be less variability in the outcome as they get older. Once you are in your mid-20’s, your appearance can be stable for 10-15 years without needing much enhancement, but that is dependent on factors such as environment, stress and other things.

If you’re very motivated and want to do this in a younger age, then you should discuss in detail with your cosmetic surgeon how much skin you want to be removed. It is important to understand that perfect symmetry is very difficult because the face is natural asymmetric. I like to say to my patients that we are beautifully imperfect and that half our face is always a little bit more projected than the other side. We can always compensate in cosmetic soft surgery but it’s the framework and everything that makes the difference.  I hope that was helpful and thanks again for your question.

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Right Eye Lateral Hooding

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   You may benefit from a right sided brow lift or brow pexy and possible minimal skin excision to help the appearance of hooding.  However, no two sides of a face are the same, and this is fairly common.

Slight asymmetry is not a good reason for cosmetic surgery.

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The asymmetry pointed out in the photograph is very subtle and would be noticed only by very close scrutiny. Asymmetry is the rule not the exception. This slide asymmetry is not worthy of surgery.

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