I Am 22 Male and Having Too Much Puffy Eye Bags..any Permanent Solution?

I Am 22 Male and Having Too Much Puffy Eye Bags..any Permanent Solution

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Correction of Eyelid Bags

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Thank you very much for this excellent question.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of you, but I'm going to make certain reasonable assumptions.  I'm going to assume these bags are protrusion of infraorbital fat.  If this is true, then you have a breakdown of the tissue that normally holds the fat back, referred to the septum orbitale.  This fat normally forms in the body around the time of puberty.  The septum orbitale breaks down in almost everyone if they live long enough.  As you've noticed, in some people it is weak genetically and it may break down as early as their teens and early 20s, and some septums are so sturdy that it may resist this forward movement into their 80s.  The trick is to push the fat back to where it belongs and remove only miniscule pieces at the time of surgery.  Some surgeons repair the septum orbitale, sewing it to the orbital bone.  I personally prefer tightening the muscle just in front of the septum orbitale, known as the orbicularis oculi.  This tightening procedure, referred to as a muscle sling, often works better on people in their late 30s and beyond; however, it may just be the right surgery for you.  Please consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to diagnose your problem and come up with a successful treatment plan.

Permanent eyelid solution for bags

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Without pictures , we have to assume that you are interested in removing the fatty deposits in the lower lids .  Typically these bags are removed thru an incision on the  inside of the lower lids and the fat is teased out.  This is known as a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty

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