I'm 22 and I'm Considering Using a Retinol Creme to Prevent Wrinkles. Is It Too Early?

I don't smoke and I lead a healthy lifestyle but I suffer from vitiligo. In my teens I had some light therapy under my eyes which makes me think that the skin under my eyes could be prone to premature aging.. I would like to know if it's too early to start, and wether it is true that starting too early could have the opposite effect.

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Using retinol at a young age

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I would absolutely say you are not too young to start, BUT given the fact that you have vitiligo, I'd suggest you go over this with your treating dermatologist before beginning to use a retinol of any kind. While retinols are good and safe to use, they will make you more sensitive to sun, so especially if you have vitiligo, this may not be something you or your physician will wish you to do.

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