I Am 22, 5'6", About 145lbs and a 38DD-DDD Bra Size. Should I Consider a Reduction?

I have always been big. When I was 12 I was already a cup size C. They sag really bad and I think some of the reason is because I had a child who is 2 now. Should I consider a reduction since they don't get smaller when I lose weight?

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Breast reduction/breast lift in a slender woman

Jordan: Prior to choosing surgery, get in touch with what you want, can afford and weigh the possible risks you may be exposed to.  You are very precise and insightful in your assessment: 1) you developed early and abundantly; 2) weight loss doesn't affect your breast size; c) your ptosis (sag) is related to early pregnancy.  Generally, insurance companies will cover breast reduction if you can demonstrate musculoskeletal, dermatological conditions, interference with activities of daily living.  Your height and weight are ideal, however your insurance company may insist that your surgeon remove a certain amount of tissue per side, which may not ultimately leave you with the volume and shape breasts you want or deserve.  

Breast lifts which are cosmetic and paid for by the patient allow you greater input on the eventual outcome, i.e. size, shape, etc.  Additionally, you should consider whether you have completed your family, as pregnancy is a "wild card", which will alter any breast reshaping procedure you may choose.  Good luck. 

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You may be a great candidate for a breast reduction

From your description, you sound like a great candidate for a breast reduction. Often times, large breasts are associated with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, rashes, poor posture and severe grooving from your bra straps. A breast reduction can help relieve this symptoms, in return, giving you smaller and perkier breasts. If you are planning on having additional children, you may wish to delay surgery, as breast reduction can interfere with your ability to breastfeed. Your best bet is to meet with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

Sam Jejurikar, MD
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Breast reduction can be a great difference

Getting a breast reduction can be a very important decision in a woman's life.  It is obviously a very personal one and all the risks and benefits have to be considered.  That is why it is important to visit a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss surgery.  Breast reduction patients are some of the happiest patients in my practice.  The surgery can give the patient an improved body image and helps relieve real discomfort that she feels.  

Naveen Setty, MD
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Breast Reduction

It is a personal choice to have breast reduction surgery.  Many patients experience neck, back and shoulder pain and want their breasts reduced.  If you decide to proceed, check into the credentials of your surgeon and communicate your desires clearly.  

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Breast reduction, what size?

The decision to have a breast reduction is a very personal one!!  No ht/wt/bra size is going to make this decision for you – a “B CUP” woman may be a candidate if she is a gymnast! If YOU feel your breasts are too large for YOU then it is a procedure to consider.  As far as insurance covering it – there are certain criteria and your surgeon will review this with you.

Kathleen Waldorf, MD, FACS
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Breast reduction can change your life

Based on your height and weight, it seems your breast size is not due to obesity and you would benefit significantly from a breast reduction. Sounds like you have a lot of breast tissue (not fatty tissue) which will not change in size as your body weight decreases. A board certified plastic surgeon needs to examine you and determine that you are in fact a good candidate for this procedure. Your health insurance may even cover some or all of the costs of this surgery if you qualify.

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Breast reduction

It doesn't sound like you are overweight, but based solely on your descriptiuon it sound slike you have very larger breasts, If they bother you, it is certainly reasonable to undergo a breast reduction whcih will give you a lift as well.  Of course an exam is critical to determine exactly what technique/procedure would benefit you the most. Good luck. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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It's great surgery

If you feel your breasts are too large and you would like them smaller, then a breast reduction is for you. It is great surgery and should help you with your body image and will make you more comfortable.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Breast reduction really improves the quality of women's lives.


Just based on what you are saying, I would recommend a breast reduction.  There is an article in my profile about how to get health insurance for this,

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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