Im 22 5'5 290lbs I Was Wodering Would I Be a Good Canidate for Large Volume Liposuction.

Im 22 5'5 290lbs I Was Wodering Would I Be a Good Canidate for Large Volume Liposuction.

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Who is a good candidate for large volume liposuction?

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Thanks very much for your question.  Large volume liposuction is any procedure that removes greater than 5000 liters of volume.  This type of liposuction is inherently more serious in nature and patients should be monitored overnight in the hospital following such procedures.  While there is nothing wrong with high volume liposuction, it's always best to loose weight if possible prior to undergoing elective surgery of any kind.  Liposuction is definitely not an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise.  Try weight loss first prior to entertaining the thoughts of liposuction.

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Large volume liposuction is a relatively risky procedure that is only appropriate for certain candidates

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"Large volume liposuction" refers to procedures where more than 5 liters (5.0 L) of fat and fluid will be removed from the body.

I generally perform all my surgeries in a hospital operating room, and I would recommend an overnight stay if a large volume of fat were to be removed.

Any potential candidate for liposuction should have achieved the following things before considering surgery:

  • You should have already achieved your optimal weight through "hard work"! (healthy diet and regular exercise).  Liposuction is NOT for weight loss, it is a body contouring procedure. 
  • Exercise regularly and be able to elevate your heart rate and blood pressure in a healthy manner (i.e. power walk or light jog) but still carry on a conversation.
  • Be medically cleared as being safe for surgery by your Family Doctor.
  • Have realistic expectations for surgery.

If you are a 22-year-old individual who is 5'5" and 290 pounds, then your BMI would be classified as obese, at 48.3.  At this weight and time in your life, you are not an appropriate candidate for liposuction. 

My recommendation would be to give yourself a full year to achieve the suggested goals above, and perhaps consider visiting a Nutritionist or Counselor to help you achieve a more healthy weight and BMI prior to considering any type of surgery. 

Karen M. Horton, M.D., M.Sc., F.A.C.S., F.R.C.S.C.

Karen M. Horton, MD
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Lipo for 5'5 and 290lbs?

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Lipo is not a weight loss procedure.  However, lipo is for moderate sculpting and I would advise you to lose some weight before considering lipo as I do not feel that you would really benefit from having the procedure. Further, there is an issue of skin quality. Removing fat without having good elastic skin will just leave sagging skin devoid of fat. I do not think that would help you to reach you goals or make you feel any better. Last the complication rate dramatically increases when your bmi is greater than 30. Sorry.

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