I recently noticed that my scars for my BA aren't directly under my crease? Question about revision. (photo)

I recently noticed that my scars for my BA aren't directly under my crease? Is this normal for where they're supposed to be? Also, I wanted to have another BA to go larger but I noticed that my scar is going up my boob a little on the bottom? If I go larger, will this make the scar bigger or will it cover the scar better?

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Breast implant exchange

Hello and thank you for the question and the photos. Yes, it is not uncommon for the incision to ride up the breast. It practice I try to keep the incision low knowing that the implant will cause it to ride upwards typically. 

You are correct; if you go larger, there is a good chance the scar will ride up higher. You can take measures to anchor the scar down against the chest so that the implant will sit up above the scar, but with time and gravity, the skin typically stretches and the scar starts to ride up. 

I would recommend allowing the surgery to completely heal before taking steps to change the implants. If you were to go any larger, you might want to consider High profile implants to match your breast width. 

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