I have some questions concerning fractional CO2 lasering of face and filler in an area of top lip.

I have been unfortunately been a smoker for 20 years have fine lines forming around my mouth, eyes and forehead from smoking and just general aging. I have used retin a for years and do take good care of my skin otherwise. I am trying to quit smoking and want to know if CO2 lasering could improve my fine lines and repair one small deep line in my upper lip that drives me crazy as you can see it every time I talk. It's almost like an Injury to the tissue. Will filler or lasering improve this ?

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Vertical Lip Lines

The vertical lip lines are so very commonly a concern for many individuals.  It is particularly prevalent for those who smoke and for those who have a lot of previous sun exposure.  Treatment options utilized in order of importance begin with the fractional CO2 laser.  This option provides a substantial improvement for deeper lines .  Filler options, either juvederm or other filler or fat transfer provides additional softening of the lines.  Volume of the lips is lost with time and filling provides a nice rejuvenation.  Finally, the active or dynamic lines can be reduced with Botox.  These options together or in different combination provide the best answer.  Each individual will have different needs to provide the best answer.  Some patients can do well with just fractional CO2 as it provides the greatest benefit.

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CO2, fillers and clinical results.

The best answer is one when we can see your lines, but it is vitally important to see and examine with animation. Sometimes these lines are dynamic in nature and a combination of micro fillers and micro Botox is best. 

Co2 lasers are great for fine lines, wrinkles, and deeper lines at rest. In some patients combination therapy gives the best results. 

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