21 Years Ago I Had Rhinoplasty. Slightly Asymmetrical Nostrils Since Last Year.

I was very happy with my nose until since last year I noticed one of my nostril has gotton biger than the other. It's probably only noticable by me and I'm ok with the way it looks but since last year on rare occasions fluid leaks from the smaller nostril when I bend down and it's getting more frequent like 3 - 4 times per month this year. I don't think it's allergy or anything serious but something related to the surgery for sure. Wondering if there's anything I can do...

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21 Years Ago I Had Rhinoplasty. Slightly Asymmetrical Nostrils Since Last Year.

 If you all of a sudden develop nostril asymmetry and fluid leaking, from your nose, it's best for you to see an ENT surgeon to examine your nose inside.  This is unrelated, IMO, to your Rhinoplasty 21 years ago.



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Nostril asymmetry and nasal drainage

It is unusual to suddenly develop asymmetry to your nostrils this far out from surgery. When people notice changes like that it is usually more gradual over many years.

An examination would help determine what is going on with your nostrils and to see what can be done about your nose drainage as well.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Nostril asymmetry after 20 years

It is unusual why you would develop nostril asymmetry after 20 years. An exam in person would be helpful to figure out the potential problem that you are having with the fluid.

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Nostri Asymmetry Occurs 20 Years Post Rhinoplasty

It is very unusual to develop nostril asymmetry 20 years after a rhinoplasty. Frequently it is only noticed by the patient if it is minor as you describe. You need an examination to diagnose the cause of your intermittent nasal drainage and the nostril asymmetry.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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