I'm 21 years old and I want to know what can I do about my dark circles? (Photo)

They're more on the red side so I'm wondering if that means I have thin skin. Also little red veins are becoming noticeable. I was thinking of using a Retinol cream but I'm unsure.

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I agree with Dr. Kopelman.

Restylane would be very helpful for you.  I am not a Belotero fan.  The key is finding an injector who can artfully sculpt the material into this location.  At your age, treatment should last about a year, perhaps a bit more.

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Dark Circles

You appear from your photograph to have a volume deficit in the inner groove beneath your lower eyelid sometimes called the" tear trough " This area can be filled with a small amount of Restylane  or Belotero (not Juvederm) to elevate the depression . This will usually elevate the overlying skin and improve the appearance of the dark circle. The beneficial effect can last  about 12 to 18 months. Make sure you are not taking any blood thinners for at least two weeks in advance of your treatment. Good luck!

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