I'm 21 years and have deep folds under my eyes, what can I do to treat them and get rid of them? (Photo)

It's more prominent when smiling. I've had them since i can remember but I believe they've gotten worse over the years. What can I do to get rid of these lines? is it possible topically treat them? I can't afford cosmetic surgery at the moment, but i'm open to it if it will get rid of these folds. Are they dennie-morgan folds? (I don't have any allergies that i'm aware of) or are they wrinkles? Thank you.

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Non surgical options for lower lids

Nonsurgical Treatment for lower eyelid folds can include fillers or Botox or a combination of both and can be very effective.  Ideally, it would be best for you to be evaluated in the office by a doctor,  one who specializes in eyelid surgery and treatment( eg an oculoplastic surgeon)  to determine the best under eye treatment for you. 

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