21 Year Old with Eye Bags. What Are My Options? (photo)

For the past year and a half, I have been suffering from dark circles and bags under my eyes. I noticed darkness under both eyes at first, then i started to notice slight puffiness, which was never there before, from the moment i notice the darkness, i have been using roller balls for the eye area and creams but i don't see much difference, i have seen my dermatologist and she said it was hereditary or age, but this isn't common in my family and i am worried. What kind of doctor can i see? Help.

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Lower lid filler

You have mild lower lid prolapsed fat with tear trough hollow. Fillers are probably the most consistent and least expensive way to deal with this problem. Eventually, you might be ready for a lower lid blepharoplasty.

Ruling out any allergic component that may be contributing to swelling is also important.

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Dark circles and puffiness under eyes in a 21 year old

The first issue that you need to resolve is whether there are medical or lifestyle issues contributing to the changes in your lower eyelids.  People who suffer from allergies experiences puffiness and darkening of the lower eyelid skin.  If there is a seasonal fluctuation or other signs of allergy, such as itchiness or runny eyes, consult with an allergist first.  If you have frequent sinus infections, this could also be part of the problem.  Also, if your sleep pattern is disrupted either from lifestyle issues or from sleep apnea, these type of changes will occur.


Sometimes people who lose significant weight loss can develop a hollowness of the upper cheek, which may unmask the natural fat compartments of the lower eyelid.  Restoration of upper cheek volume, either with injectible fillers or fat transfer may be helpful.


The important point is to rule out medical causes for your condition before you seek an aesthetic treatment.

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Eye Bags

Oh, you have so many options available in the year 2012!  Everything from lasers to injectable facial fillers and beyond.

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You have a subtle lower eyelid hollow.  Filler is perfect for this.  Make sure you find an injector who routinely treats this area.

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Eye Bags for Young Patients

Hello.  We do have several young patients that - because of their genetics - do have dark circles or bags under the eyes. In these cases, because the patients are so young, we offer injection procedures.

Restylane is a great product for this area.   It's very affordable and lasts 9-12 months.  To see photos, you can visit the link below.  

We are also in Los Angeles, so would be happy to see you for a free consultation.  Just visit our website and call or submit the form.  

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