21 Days Post-op from Saline to Silicone Implant Exchange and Aching Intermittent Pain on Left Breast?

I had saline 2 siliconeI implant exchange & open capsulectomy on right side, inframmary incision. 445 memory mentor moderate classic profile. have intermittent pain on top half of left breast that runs lateral about 1 in above nipple. No bruise, it's just feels tender. not hot to touch no fever/redness. PS doesn't seem worried about it. They feel & look the same, it has a very slight swelling sometimes. Is this normal?

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Pain on one side only after implant revision

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It is not unusual to have tenderness on one side after a capsule release, and not the other. Inflammation can also produce intermitant pains through the healing process. It is good that your surgeon has taken a look.

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