21 Days Post Op Breast Reduction, What Can I Put on Incisions?

I am 21 days post op from breast reduction revision. Original surgery was July 2011. My incisions are really dry and itchy. What kind of ointment can I use on my incisions? A&D or vaseline? I am allergic to bacitracin and neosporin so those are not an option.

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Cream for Incisions after Breast Reduction Surgery

Thank you for your question.

I would highly recommend that you follow the instructions of your surgeon in regards to placing anything on your incision line.  The dry/ itchy skin is common but your surgeon needs to make sure that you are not putting something on your incision that will cause a reaction or infection.

Your surgeon is the best one to ask in regards to scar treatment.

In my office, once the incision line has healed (no openings, no scabs) patients use Hybrisil, which has a steroid and silicone in it, to help improve the healing of the scar.

Best Wishes.

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What to put on ichy dry incisions?

Dry, itchy incisions post op are fairly common. I recommend that my patients use whatever moisturizer works for them as long as the incisions are healing well. But you should check with your surgeon about what would be best for you as he or she can best assess the progress of your healing.

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