21 and Recovering from Breast Aug - How Long Should I Wait After Surgery to Have my Implants Removed?

I am 21 and underwent breast augmentation last week (A-C cup).Although being something I have wanted for a long time, I have since felt very distressed and want to have the implants removed asap. The results aren't great (I know they will change with time) but I feel very uncomfortable on a psychological level & I'm struggling to come to terms with my new shape. How long should I wait to have my implants removed to see optimum results for my health and my breasts returning to their former shape?

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Psychological Distress following BA

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Over the past 23 years and thousands of breast augmentations I have had one patient who wanted their implants removed soon after surgery.  Her story was much the same as yours.  I encouraged her to wait three months, but she had me remove them two weeks after surgery.  She has not regretted the decision.  The swelling will take about two months or more to go down completely just as it would if the implants were in place.  Your breasts should return to their former shape or very close to it.  Only you can decide whether to explore your psychological concerns with a mental health professional, but there is an urgency to your questions that makes me suspect that your distress is enough that leaving the implants in while you try to work through a deep body image issue is not going to work well.  Have them out.  It can be done with local anesthesia.  When you are back to your former mental, emotional and physical self, tackle the larger issue calmly.  Best of luck.

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Breast implant explantation

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My advise is to talk with your surgeon about the explantation  and the date. At the same time you need to consult a psychiatrist to resolve the deeper issues ( your breast implants are not the issue).

Samir Shureih, MD
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Removal Of Breast Implants?

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Thank you for the question.

You should be aware that it is not uncommon for patients to have severe emotional swings (both depression and elation)  after undergoing plastic surgical procedures.  The exact causes of the emotional  reactions are not known but do tend to resolve within one to two months  of the procedure. 

Given your history and the fact that you are only one week out of your surgery I would suggest at least a three-month waiting period before making any decisions regarding further surgery. As you mention the “results” of your surgery will change and hopefully you will be pleased with  the outcome. You may also find that you will become “more comfortable on a psychological level”.

Waiting this period of 3 months will not hinder your breasts returning to their formal shape if you do decide to have the breast implants removed.

I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon and even consider counseling if you remain “very depressed”.

I hope this helps.

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